Imagine one generation who dares to be a collective force that sparks the power of impact in societies.. We believe we can harness the core of things while creating a pathway with them too. By keeping the core same but adding a touch of heart and wisdom, this is possible. And we believe more than being possible, we will spread the #ShaperLove around the world this year in SHAPE Europe & Eurasia 2019 in Istanbul.


Over the years, we built our movements as a community of change-makers all over the world having an uncountable number of awesome actions and transforming ourselves into an unstoppable force of shaping so many lives. We are approaching 10th anniversary of our community just in 2 years. That marks a key milestone for all of us turning multi-year collective actions into concrete impacts to grow and inspire in regional and global levels. Looking back to the whole picture including SHAPEs, this tells us that Ideas into Actions approach needs to evolve now into Actions into Impact. In 2019, in SHAPE Europe & Eurasia, we are as committed as ever to move the direction to the next level with you.

We want to make some noise this year. We want you to add your own touch to it with your senses, reflections, impact, emotions and creativity by bringing all pieces of your “Shaping” journey together to find out the biggest part.


SHAPE dream is much more than just an event. It is also a calling for all Shapers to uncover and engage the combined wisdom and heart to unleash all its magic. Seeing the SHAPE not just as a one-off event but as part of a longer journey and a new fresh start, SHAPE Europe & Eurasia puts Shapers at the center of all. You will be ‘real’ owners, co-creators, co-designers this time. That’s why we say, this will be a truly Shapers’ SHAPE and belong to all of you.

Under the theme Actions into Impact, we will awaken the #ShaperLove and create a new kind of SHAPE journey.