We care about
a sustaInable future

During the SHAPE, you will see our sustainability strategies in action, but you can also reduce your environmental impact – especially as you travel. 

Find a summary of our key efforts below as well as ways you can help us to achieve a #GreenEvent.       

 We say No to plastics! Due to our conscious event management policy, all participants should bring their own mug, notebook and pen with them. We do not deliver these three to avoid any single-usage.

 Avoiding any waste of paper, most of informative event elements such as programme, useful guide, etc are provided online.

 A hazelnut tree is gifted to all SHAPE participants in close collaboration with Tarlamvar Team and Farmers to neutralize carbon footprint emission from the event.

 We fight food waste! During the SHAPE, we partner with one of impact-driven local food recovery networks in Istanbul by recovering perishable food.

 We do not produce badges to eliminate any single-use material. Instead, we re-use / upcycle fabric waste of textile that are landfilled in average of 150 to 200 tonnes every single day.

 A Greta-Style Adventure –from Vienna to Istanbul! Every climate action counts for sure. A group of fellow Shapers from European Hubs meet in Vienna and travel to Istanbul by train 😉