Climate Strike & Commitment Circles

 Whether you like it or not, there is a new generation emerging, and they are hungry for Climate Justice. During the SHAPE, with a thought-provoking non-traditional opening plenary, young climate strikers challenged Global Shapers to make a concrete commitment for climate action by joining hands with future generation.. Whereas we sometimes look up to the leadership of multinationals and governments, they look up to us.. “It’s your role to do something about all this.” they said. They hit us all hard, because they were right. Watch the session video now!

«SHAPE» Train.. A Greta-style Adventure!

Climate Action & Sustainability was one of the major highlights not only during the SHAPE- but also before and after. It is easy to talk about changing systems how can we expect others to change their behavior, if we wouldn’t want to change our own? A group of Global Shapers from European Hubs met in Vienna, travelled to Istanbul by train and created a new #climate action «SHAPE Train».. 

Learning from Reality.. We worked together with & learn from real people..

A story is best told by those who lived it.. Learning from Reality session with underrepresented local communities including disability, Syrian refugees, youth and LGBT was designed to shed light on human-centred real issues under equity & inclusion.. That was eye-opener and inspiring for every one to feel and think on how Global Shapers might support these issues locally and globally through initiatives and projects, but furthermore to ensure that our community is as inclusive as possible..

Energy-packed moments on empathy mapping, ideation techniques, and prototyping to design the road ahead 2021..



Road ahead 2021… Equity & Inclusion and Education & Employment are two major community impact areas for us, Global Shapers. During the SHAPE in Istanbul, we spent impact-driven days by practicing the tools of human-centered design thinking. Global Shapers acquainted themselves with its mindsets with the aim of taking these ideas and practices back to their cities to share with their communities and to drive impact, as they designed the school of the future and the equal-inclusive workplace of the future.

The Circular City Istanbul with palpable outcomes on local challenges of circular economy..

The Circular City workshop hosted a diverse group of global and local experts of circular economy coming together to brainstorm, co-design actionable and implementable circular solutions with Global Shapers around the world on specific local challenges facing 16 million inhabitants in the city of Istanbul under the sub-topics of: Plastics, Food, Water, Urban Mobility, Textiles. To put actions into impact, the five proposals created in the workshop were presented to an expert jury. The circular food team came up with the winning proposal.. Their idea was to see the leftovers of the food production no longer as food waste, but as a source for future use. Watch the workshop video now!

Actions into Impact.. Make It Happen..

During the SHAPE, Global Shapers were as committed as ever to take the next level from “Ideas into Actions” to “Actions into Impact. Our priority #1 will be the one and only “Impact” throughout the next two years until 2021.. As part of the Impact Mapping session, Global Shapers divided into sub-groups under Climate & Environment, Equity & Inclusion, Education & Employment, and discussed on impact-driven inspiring projects in the Community and Collective Action Alliance Partners joined them in sessions, as many opportunities on cross-hub collaborations emerged.

Positive Vibes Only J  Those Moments of Fun.. #ShapersLove

A very warm opening on Friday evening with welcome reception at the Palais De Hollande hosted by the Dutch Consulate-General.. A special community reception on Saturday evening hosted by Mrs. Begüm Doğan Faralyalı, Chairwoman, Doğan Group… And a delightful cruise on the Bosphorus with the most beautiful sights of the charming city.. Shapers had a lot of fun during the SHAPE besides intensive workshops and collaborations.. Watch the first-2-day’s video now to see those moments of fun and inspiration together!

Start peeling back the layers: Metal Spinning Workshop around Vulnerabilities..

Art reflects concerns and values, communicates important signs to impact our lives inspired by them. Artists learn to release their vulnerability, remain free and open in their craft. Global Shapers worked together with artist Seçkin Pirim and craftsman Lokman Çilingir, reflected their inspirations, creativity and feelings around vulnerability into metal pieces that they crafted.

That was not just a wristband.. That was a story of social inclusion.. #soundup

«Women are strong in solidarity.» – Isra

SHAPE Europe & Eurasia 2019 gifted several stories of social inclusion to its participants just in a wristband which was crafted by disadvantaged groups of artisans to find voices of different community representatives from Syrian refugee women to disabled people, and disadvantaged youth. This wristband as a symbol of Shapers’ commitment to help, spread and inspire collective action, we create a more equitable and inclusive future around the world together. Listening to the voices by holding the smartphone screen onto the QR code in the packaging of the wristband, Shapers reflected what that message means to them during the SHAPE and then joined dialogue sessions with underrepresented local communities in Learning from Reality.     

That was not just a pack of hazelnut.. That was a real story of caring about a sustainable future..

SHAPE Europe & Eurasia 2019 gifted all participants a hazelnut tree to neutralise the carbon footprint of the event through a fruitful collaboration with Tarlamvar and Farmers and took participants into a journey by keeping them updated on their trees growing before the event.

During the SHAPE, Shapers worked together with real people for real impact.. Farmers were also one of them when it came to climate crisis.. They met Melahat Tokalak for example.. She was born in Giresun, Gorele in 1950. She met with difficult circumstances that the farming world brings, while going farming with her dad when she was 9. She has been farming for years and she believes in the mystery and magic behind these hazelnuts..