For the very first time in the history of SHAPEs, two major regions -Europe and Eurasia- join forces to design, frame and initiate partnerships, collaborative initiatives and alliances in regional and global level to co-create the 2021 ambition with a range of valuable like-minded stakeholders as key enablers to further scale the impact.

Recognising the great responsibility to bridge two regions, SHAPE Europe & Eurasia 2019 is not a traditional conference or summit to follow an agenda. Far from it, this is the beginning for a regional call to action that is designed properly and delivers concrete impact with tangible outcomes. From the very beginning, this is one reason why partnering institutions do not come with a speech, but they come with a plan. We are designing a long-term impact – rather than planning just a three-day event.

In the light of this vision, Collective Action Alliance for Change is a regional call to action that requires sustainable collective working of all partnering institutions.

Climate Reality Project
Doğan Group
Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Gloria Sports Arena

Impact Hub Istanbul
Istanbul Museum of Modern Art
Kale Group