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GET ready for the most ınclusıve shape of the decade!

SHAPE Europe & Eurasia 2019 welcomes 226 Global Shapers from 107 different cities and 76 countries around the world. This journey happens only once in a lifetime.

No Panel Dıscussıons..
No Keynote speeches..
No Never..

No Panel Discussions.. No Keynote speeches.. No Never.. Imagine to take a part in a truly Shapers' SHAPE. With our regional and local communities, we are designing the most united, participatory and loudest SHAPE yet!

Dıscover the beautıful cıty Istanbul that never sleeps..

Home of Bosphorus.. Home of Maiden's Tower.. Home of two continents.. We are looking forward to enjoying special cultural activities with the most beautiful sights of this charming city.

Actıons Into Impact!

Actions into Impact requires a sustainable collective work of all with entire bodies, initiatives and partners.. Partners will not come with a speech, but will come with a plan. This is why we are getting excited for the "Collective Action Alliance for Change" in this year's SHAPE.

Drıve a REAL ımpact ın thıs cıty..

You will work together with design-thinkers, artisans, artists, athletes, future generations, under-represented local communities, real people, real stories and many more..

For the simple fact that the theme is not Ideas into Actions, but Actions into Impact– which for is a next level topic and could answer to many questions left unanswered.

– Khulan Baterdene, Luxembourg City Hub

When I read the theme of this year’s Shape, my mind said “BINGO!”. This is what my hub needs- instead of beautiful speeches at fancy conferences, finding ways of changing the world around for better me through everyday actions.

– Paula Pirinen, Helsinki Hub

My main motivation for attending this year’s SHAPE is the fact that there will be neither panels nor keynote speeches and that you give us the opportunity to co-create all of us together the event.

– Ola Barramou, Rabat Hub

I love the idea of disrupting the SHAPE Event format; let’s invent the formats that will enable us to create the future we want!

– Mathias Essman, Copenhagen Hub

A lot of things are happening in the world today. Time flies, and we need to act faster. But sometimes maybe we start missing human wisdom, heart, and love in this race. We, as youth, are responsible to create our better future.

– Aizhan Ussenova, Almaty Hub

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